Implementation by Morarka Foundation

Programme Detail

Under Organic Adoption and Certification Project of Horticultural Crops mainly Fruits and Vegetables, M.R Morarka GDC Rural Research Foundation was assigned to work in 600 ha area in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh. The State Directorate of Horticulture had issued the work order on 3rd February 2014 for the implementation of this project. The project activities have been initiated from the month of March, 2014. The following activities have been completed:

1.Establishment of Regional Office:A regional office has been established at Mahadev Nagar, New Changora Bhata, Raipur for the smooth management of project activities and timely reporting to the Dy. Director, Horticulture and State Directorate of Horticulture.

2.Selection of Human Resource: Apart from the head office staff we have appointed field staff in the district for the smooth functioning of the project.

3.Organic Farming Motivation and Awareness Program:This program was held in the month of March 2014 for the farmers, where farmers were made aware of the Organic Farming practices and its scope in future for their betterment. The benefits and other economical advantages of Organic Farming were discussed. They were also briefed about the higher market demand of organically produce items.

4.Identification of Farmers: The progressive farmers of the area were identified and motivated for the adoption of the programme. The recommendation of the department was taken into due consideration for selection of the farmers i.e. to consider the small and marginal farmers having land area less than 4 ha. The farmer identification was completed by April, 2014.

5. Area Selection:The blocks were selected after discussions with the District Officials. The village meetings were organized in those villages having vegetables and fruits as major crops. The response by the farmers was very positive but with some reservations about the productivity and marketing. The doubts were cleared by the Project Manager and by the Senior Executives from Head Office who remained in the area for 15 days to create awareness among the farmers. The list of interested farmers was prepared in the village meetings itself. After the meeting, the Field Supervisor contacted the individual farmer for their acceptance. During this process some more farmers also showed their willingness to join this program who could not attend the meetings.

6. Registration of Farmers:The registration form has been printed and the details of the Farmland and farmer’s information have been collected from each individual farmer. The Registration of farmers in the district has been completed. The Photographs of the farmers, Photo copy of Khasra no. has been collected from each farmer and data has been recorded in consolidated format. The collected forms are under the process of verification by the experts at the HO and the incomplete, partial filled and forms without supporting documents will be returned back to the Regional Office for needful corrections.
Summary of Registration

Name of ICSName of BlocksNo. of VillagesNo. of FarmersLand Offered for Organic Management in Ha
Raipur Organic Grower Group Abhanpur 11 188 277.25
Dharsiwa 7 180 343.60
TOTAL 18 368 620.85

7.Preparation of Farmer List: The Farmers List of the ICS Raipur has been prepared and approved by the HO Team. The Data collected from the field is regularly scrutinized by experts at H.O and corrective guidance is regularly being provided.

8.ICS & Cluster Formation:ICS and Cluster formation has been done and completed in the month of April 2014. Clusters in the Villages (approx. 50 ha per cluster) have been formed under this project and these farmers have been grouped according to close geographical vicinity. The formation of Clusters will enable better communication and close monitoring.

9. GPS Collection:The collection of GPS readings from the farm land of the farmers has been done i.e. the latitude and longitude of the farm has been recorded for the proper traceability of the farmer’s Organic Farms. All the data has been recorded and on-line updation of the data is under progress.

10. Training Materials (Training Kit):Training material/books have been prepared and printed in Hindi / English for the farmers. The following books are prepared for the distribution to the registered farmers under this project.
I.Internal Quality Control System for Organic Agriculture.
II.Organic Fertility and Pest Management Book.
III.Training Literature.
IV.ICS Farm Diary.

10.Printing Materials
1.NPOP Guidelines has been printed which will be distributed during Farmer’s Training.
2.Member’s manual has been printed and will be distributed to all Registered Farmers.
3.Package of Practices of different crops will be prepared and will be distributed to the farmers.

11.Certification: One Cert Asia Agri Certification Pvt. Ltd, Jaipur India is the Certification Agency for this project.

12. Collection of Soil Samples &Testing:Collection of Soil Samples is in progress. For the first Year, samples will be taken from each and every registered field under the project. The samples so collected will be stored according to the field codes and sent for lab testing for N, P, K, pH value, Carbon Content, and Electrical conductivity. Proper training is imparted to the field staff for proper method of collection. The samples are then packed in the poly bags. The samples will be sent to the state/ district soil testing laboratory in due process. Random testing would be conducted for five samples per cluster in second and third year. A computerized soil health card for every farmer registered with the implementing agency will be prepared based on the details of lab testing.

13. Input Supply: The Organic input of Trichoderma, F S- Power, FS Super, Pratirodh, Terminator and NS- DL is already under process of distribution. Details are as under:
S.NName of inputQuantityPrice (Rs) per Kg/ LtTotal Amount in Rs
1 Trichoderma 600 Kg 170/ kg 1,02,000
2 F S- Power 600 Lt 235/ Lt 1,41,000
3 FS Super 600 Lt 255/ Lt 1,53,000
4 Pratirodh 600 Lt 252/Lt 1,51,200
5 Terminator 600 Lt 264/Lt 1,58,400
6 NS- DL 600 Lt 326/Lt 1,95,600
TOTAL 9,01,200

Function of Inputs

->Antigonestic effect on Harmful Fungus there by control fungal diseases.
->Use for Seed Treatment.

FS Power- (Tonic for Germination and Branching Stage):
->Improves germination by 15-20% if used as seed treatment solution.
->Helps in early establishment of plantlets.
->Helps in profuse branching in fruit and vegetable plants.
->Helps in vegetative growth by accelerating photosynthesis.

FS Super- (Tonic for Flowering and fruit bearing stage):
->Enhances Flowering
->Reduces Fruit Dropping
->Increases Crop yield by 15-20%.
->Improves Fruit Size, Color, and Shine.
->Increases fruit shelf life during storage.

Pratirodh- (Safe, Economic and Convenient Solution for Pest Management):
->Control of all types of sucking pests like Trips, Mites, Aphids, White Flies, Spider- Mites, Red Cotton Bugs, etc.
->All types of Ball Worms like American.
->Pink and Spotted Ball Worms.
->All types of Chewing Pests like Leaf Hoppers Stem Borers etc.

Terminator- (Safe, Economic and convenient solution for fungal and viral infection in plants):
->Seed treatment to reduce incidence of diseases.
->All types of Micro- organisms in the shoot of plants like Mites, Blights Ticks, Scale and Anthracnose etc.
->All Type of Soil born diseases like Root rot, collar rot, Soil fungus, Nematodes, Termites and other Soil insects/ pests.

NS-DL- (Composting Solution for Animal Dung and Horticulture Waste):
->Waste to compost in 40-45 days
->More effective than any other organic composts
->Availability of N P K & other micro nutrients in soluble from and in sufficient quantities.
->Helps in improvement of physical, chemical & biological properties of soil.
->Helps improve water holding capacity of soil.
->Control of weeds and termites in long run.

14. Staff Training: Staff Training has been organized in the month of March 2014 at Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The Experts from Head Office have provided technical know-how to the project team and discussed following agenda which is given below during trainer’s trainings. The agenda of the entire training program was as follows: ->Production of fertility inputs from on –farm resources.
->Production of pest management inputs forms on-farm resources.
->Mechanical, Physical, Cultural and Biological methods of weed control.
->Training about good agriculture practices, seeds and planting materials.
->Knowledge dissemination on IQS and internal standards.
->Training about record keeping.
->Training about the organic program and its standards under which the farmers have been registered.

Project Location